Saturday, June 13, 2015

For you, Valentine.

[circa 2009] Yeah, I've been out for awhile. But, I'm back. I need to share these hilarious Valentine cards my son passed out this year. He is in fifth grade. My other kids were writing out their cards and Isaac said he didn't want to pass them out this year. When pressed for a reason, he indicated that he "hates doing all that writing." I remembered something I had seen online that would alleviate this problem. It's a photograph taken at an angle close to his hand. Then, we punched a hole on top of his hand and one under his hand. Stuck a DumDum through and they were good to go. No writing involved. After we made a bunch for his classmates, we really went crazy for his teachers. We dressed him up like Cupid and his teachers LOVED it!

Here's the thing about me, though. As you may know, I work at the school. So, of course, I had to mention the Valentine to all of his teachers in order to receive the credit and praise I so crave (and deserve-hehe). What's up with that? Sometimes I just think I am so funny. I mean, I really crack myself up. Isn't that pathetic? I do a lot of stupid stuff, too, that cracks me up. I will share these with you as well, because I am not shy about my personal foibles. NOTE: "Foibles" might not actually be the correct word to use here, because it refers to a minor weakness or failing of character; slight flaw or defect. My flaws are neither minor, nor slight.

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