Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Amazing Things About Me (for a change of pace)

There is nothing I cannot do or learn to do. 

I am not being boastful or exaggerating.  I am telling you what I have heard people say about me many times over the course of my professional career.  Now I could write out a boring list of all my accomplishments and skills and places I have worked in my lifetime, but you can easily read about those things in my profile.  I am going to take this opportunity to give you the exciting stuff, the real me.
It is important that I tell you all of the things I have done that are NOT in my profile.  I have worked in a toy store, a children’s clothing store, a junior’s clothing store, a fast food restaurant, a grocery store, the supply department of a large hospital, and the public library.  I have worked as a bank teller, legal receptionist, legal assistant, dance teacher, customer consultant at Xerox, babysitter (as a teenager), daycare provider (as an adult), legal document and trial transcript summarizer, medical transcriptionist, chemical dependency counselor, first grade teacher associate, on-site property manager (x2), landlord, general construction contractor, income/payroll tax professional, contract and proposal writer, paper craft artist and educator, drywall hanger and painter.

There are several ways to look at this list, but I am going to address the two that I feel are most important.  First, your initial thought may be that I can’t stick to anything.  If that is your opinion, I understand and I certainly don’t fault you if you want to stop reading right here.  The other way to approach this list is to think about what all of my experiences say about me as a person and as a professional.  Also, please keep in mind that I have never, ever been fired or let go from a job.  The following is a bullet-point summary (I LOVE bullet points) of the information I learned about myself when examining the list, and what I think you should take away from it.

Lisa Burkle
·         Highly intelligent, masters complicated processes quickly
·         Expert interpersonal skills and relationship builder
·         Expert writer and communicator
·         Enjoys and requires frequent challenges
·         Analyzes problems and written materials accurately and efficiently
·         Thrives on brainstorming and heading up projects
·         Completes projects successfully from start to finish
·         Creative and unique thinker
·         Able to operate a drill and hammer a nail
·         Talented wordsmith
·         Great sense of humor
·         Flexible, adaptable and exudes positive energy
·         Entrepreneurial spirit

So there you have it.  A little summary of me.  Please contact me anytime to talk about how I might be a good fit for your organization.  I have one caveat.  While I do find the topic of insurance fascinating and enjoy researching, analyzing and writing about it, I do not want to sell it.  Aside from that, I would love to connect with you on just about anything.

P.S.  Facilitate, staff, data, content, strategic, program, implement, achieve, instruct, lead.  Okay, now I have also optimized my summary by making it key-word rich.  I am creative, but also practical.

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