Saturday, May 22, 2010

When Smart Kids Get in Trouble

On Tuesday, my son’s (Elias 9) teacher pulled me aside at school to let me know that she had to write Elias up because he had threatened to kill another student. Elias would have to meet with the principal later that day. The funny thing is, his teacher was so apologetic about it. She explained that the other student had nagged him and nagged him and nagged him (yes, a girl) until he exploded. So, later that day, the principal waved me into her office and said, “I just have to tell you about this.” When she called Elias into her office, he sat down across the desk from her. They discussed the incident briefly. He put his head down on her desk with his hands on either side. “I know, I know, it was SOOO inappropriate. I never should have said it.”

After Elias left, she called the other student in to the office to discuss the incident. The principal explained that Elias should not have said those words. The student said, “His words did surprise me, but his frustration didn’t.”

Two good things resulted from this incident. First, Principal had a great laugh because she RARELY sees remorseful students. Second, the school made a record so that someday, when my son really does go ballistic and kill someone, they will be able to say they had properly addressed the early signs of his rage.

Shout out to my new friends! Spread the word.

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