Sunday, May 23, 2010

When Naughty Kids Get in Trouble

In my last post, I mentioned that two good things had resulted from the incident on Tuesday. Well, after some consideration, I have realized that I completely missed the most important benefit of all. Principal now knows that I actually produced a child that does, indeed, feel remorse for his actions. Here is what I mean. My daughter, Piper (6), was in the principal’s office within the first week of kindergarten. She made it again during the first month. AND, she was in the office during her second month to meet with a social worker because of the whole DHS thing referenced in an earlier post. They had to meet with her in the counselor’s office without me knowing. I work at the school. Imagine my mortification, if you will.
We are now down to the final two weeks of school and you would think that a kindergarten student has a pretty good handle on the rules by now. Not so. Not my child, anyway. When Piper gets home from school, she gives me her mail and then shows me her communication sheet from the teacher. Most students get a sticker on theirs. Piper will hold hers up with the back facing me and I can see LOTS of writing through the paper. My shoulders drop, my head drops and I say, “What is it?”
Monday Piper was messing around in the bathroom AGAIN. Ten minutes later she showed up to class. She will not be using the hallway bathroom anymore.
Tuesday At lunch, Piper took another child’s Twinkie, smooshed it and took a bite out of it. She spent her recess on the wall.
Wednesday Piper pulled the Twister mat right from under another student. That student fell and hit her head. Piper lost the rest of center time. Mrs. P and Mrs. N witnessed this also. (As if I might not believe it.)
Thursday There is an X on her sheet indicating there was some kind of trouble, but the lines were all used up from previous days. Not sure what happened.
Friday Piper didn’t work in her Literacy Center. She was messing around. Today was the second day that Mrs. M had to tell Piper to stay out of the mud. (Maybe that was yesterday’s issue.) She was sent to the office for recess.
Aside from Thursday, obviously, these are the actual written words of her teacher. What an eventful week for Piper. So, yes, I am kind of glad Elias got in trouble. At least he has the wherewithal to express remorse when he is sitting across from the principal in her office.

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