Sunday, January 31, 2010

Short Teaser

I intended to post yesterday, but I sat in front of my laptop totally blocked. It's funny how things are constantly running around in my head. Things I want to share. Then, I sit down to write them and they are gone. I am determined to post today, so I am writing a short note before I head off to a youth athletic event. More on that later.

Just a little FYI. This blog will not be a blubbery, gushy blog about the cuteness and greatness of my kids. I like to read about real life and I will presume that you do as well. Although, my kids are pretty damn cute and they totally crack me up sometimes. Also, I will generally try and keep my posts fairly short. Occasionally I may run off on a tangent, but for the most part I will keep them short and simple.

I'm off to shower. I know you are dying for more, so I'll try and post later.

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