Friday, January 29, 2010

Inaugural Post

I am kicking off my blog today although it has been a terrible day so far. Maybe this will cheer me up. I am home sick for the second day from my part-time job at the school and I about killed my kids this morning. They wait until 10 minutes before the bus comes and then tell me they need [fill in the blank] for school today. Well, I'll be darned if I am going to be the loser parent who doesn't dress my kid in a Hawaiian shirt today for "summer day." So, while I am searching for the shirt for my 3rd grade son in the basement, which I actually may have donated to Goodwill because I hate it, the other three of them are upstairs fighting and laughing and screaming. With bus time looming dangerously close, I told my son to wear some shorts (it's 4 degrees outside) and ran upstairs to attempt to get everyone corralled to head outside. I found two of them wrestling on the living room floor with no shoes or coats and I found one naked in his bedroom. I am still astounded as to how this nakedness happened. When I went downstairs five minutes ago, he was dressed.

By this time, I am in a full-out tantrum. Now I am screaming and running around and, yes, swatting a naked butt. The bus stop is at our driveway, which means all the neighbor kids heard me screaming. And, I stuck my head out the door three more times to yell at them while they were in line. The bus stop was very quiet today. Although, I am pretty sure my kids were giggling under their breath. Now I feel awful and I am praying that my son doesn't show anyone the handprint on his butt.

After counting the four heads above, you may be wondering about the other two birds for which I am responsible. One is in college and not living at home, which is best for both of us. (I think she would agree.) And, I drove my 7th grade daughter to school at 6:30 am for jazz band practice. My husband has to leave for work around 5:30 am, so I am forced to fend for myself in the mornings. Clearly, I was not very good at fending for myself today. Kids-1, Mom-0.

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