Saturday, March 31, 2012

Letter to Troops in Afghanistan (by my son)

Dear Amercian soldier,

Me and my 5th grade friends are all hoping that everyone is safe and I thank you and your allies for fighting for our country.

I live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and the weather here is fine. Just became spring here. School is doing fine besides being caught talking with my friends or getting late assignments, but I truly have been working on those types of things.

I enjoy playing outside with my brothers, and I play video games sometimes.

It's pretty hard to handle all five of my siblings (two brothers and three sisters). Not to mention raising my parents (I'm kidding on that one. haha!).

Well, I hope for all of you, and your allies, safety. I wish all my blessings to the American soldiers' health.


Elias B.

[While Elias certainly doesn't make it easy for me, I guess I will allow him to live one more day.]

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