Thursday, February 4, 2010

Guilty Pleasures and Guilty Omissions

My Guilty Pleasures

*People magazine
*Forensic Files (it's not a fictional television show)
*Cold Case Files (again, not a fictional show)
*Watching the relationship of John and Kate go up in a puff of smoke (only watched the show briefly until I became resentful that Kate had the ingenuity to market her family and get free tummy tucks and vacations and stuff) (followed the story of their downfall very closely in People)
*pop music
*looking at the headlines on and only reading the articles that involve particularly heinous or grizzly crimes/accidents

My Guilty Omissions

*never read the paper
*have a subscription to The New Yorker and RARELY read it (only read it if I happen to hear from my daughter that David Sedaris has written an essay)
*never watch public television
*never listen to public radio

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